Some things just drive you crazy. The present incarnation of the Conservative party are one of those things.

First let’s listen to the attack ad audio that’s running on local radio stations…

Larry Maguire attack ad on Justin Trudeau

Holy crap, the world is going to end if we legalize marijuana for adults to use! That is the message of this ad. Legalize marijuana and the world will fall over and all of our kids will be getting high behind the school.

However, what Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are suggesting is that we legalize the use of marijuana for adults.

I’m not sure what part of Trudeau’s message that the Conservatives do not understand. Making something legal for adults does not mean that we want to make it easier for kids to get. I’m not a big proponent of using pot or any other drug. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and unlike most adults that I know I have never tried pot. Not even once. Never.

But here’s the thing, as an adult, that is my choice. I have chosen not to use them.

However, I take great umbrage at someone telling me that I can’t. I’m not sure who the hell Peter MacKay thinks he is, but he has no damn right to tell me, a 40 year old person with my own thoughts and convictions, what the hell I can put in my own damn body. Sorry if I sound emotional, but that kind of self aggrandizing behaviour that makes him think that he gets to decide what is best for me makes me sick. I am a grown man and I will make my own decisions.

And that is the rub. This is about adults, not kids. Not once have Justin Trudeau and the Liberals suggested that it should be easier for children and teenagers to get marijuana. In fact, that is the point of this proposed law. Control marijuana the same way you control alcohol and tobacco; licensed dealers who have to follow strict rules or lose their license.

Right now if I want to buy a pack of smokes, I need to go to a store to get them. I need to show ID and if I don’t they will not sell them to me. If I want some pot, I could call around to a few friends and I’m sure one of them would know a guy who know a guy who would sell me the weed, no ID check.

Anecdotally, kids will tell you that it is much easier for them to get their hands on a joint than on a beer.

And there is the thing. If the Conservatives think that government regulation over the legal sale of drugs and alcohol does not work, then perhaps Conservatives should make alcohol and tobacco illegal.

You know, for the kids…