I’m cheap. Partly because I just like finding a good deal, but mostly because we don’t make a ton of money. For years here in Winnipeg, I’ve bounced between BellMTS and Shaw Cable for Internet. I stayed withe the “incumbents” because their Internet bundle deals with television were just cheap enough at $60 for us to consider worth it. I’ve been comparing them to the third party Internet access (TPIA) providers for number of years. The best deals suitable for us generally seem to be around $50 on the TPIA providers, so 10 bucks for TV seemed like a great deal. Until this year.

This year, the incumbent bundle deals went up too much to be worth it, so I finally picked a third party provider. After comparing a few companies I went with Can Com out of Williams Lake, British Columbia. They provide internet over the Shaw Cable infrastructure, so If you can subscribe to Shaw in Western Canada, then in all likelihood you can subscribe to Can Com.

My main reasons for choosing Can Com:

  • Decent reviews. Most people on Redflagdeals that had used them liked the service.
  • No long-term contracts. As long as you stay more than 30 days, they waive the install fee. This tells me that they believe in their service without trapping you.
  • Free modem rental (on approved credit). If you don’t pass the credit check, or don’t want one, then a modem deposit is needed.
  • Availability. It’s on Shaw’s network so that was easy.
  • Loyalty discount for remaining a customer. 1% each year up to 5% total
  • Monthly $1 discount for every person you refer.

So far the service is great. In everyday use it is similar to Shaw and BellMTS. If I trace my connection, everything routes through B.C. as they are reselling service from Cipherkey Exchange Corp based in Vancouver. Most of my BellMTS traffic routed through Toronto, so I don’t really see much difference there. West Coast servers are quite fast.

So, if you’re looking for Internet anywhere in the Shaw service area, try Can Com. Give yourself about three weeks before you want t leave your old provider to allow for modem shipping and any install issues with Shaw (they provision the modem).

If you want to receive $10 off your first bill, my Can Com referral code is 31184.

www.can-com.com or call 1-800-880-3011