The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a year ago on December 14th.

I will agree with the crazy people. They are right, guns don’t kill people, people kill people; people who shouldn’t have guns kill people… with guns.

Why are the people who say that people are the ones that kill other people so against background checks? If you can’t do background checks EVERY TIME, how do you know which people to deny guns.

In Canada we seem to have figured this out. We have just as much gun ownership, but it takes up to six months to get a gun, and you have to prove that you are responsible enough to have one. We treat guns like cars… you need to prove proficiency before getting one.

Do we still have incidents? From time to time, but at nowhere near the rate of our southern neighbours. If I had to guess, most illegal guns involved in these incidents we do have come from south of the border, so the failure of one system is affecting the other.

Sandy Hook Elementary School no longer exists. Neither do 26 people who went there every day. They’re gone, and as far as I know, not in a better place. Their precious lives snuffed out because some gun owners, a small amount of gun owners, feel that a background check would go against their right to own a weapon.

What about the 20 kids that are dead? What about their rights?

All that is left there is destruction. No school, it’s demolished. Twenty children, six personnel gone. Countless families destroyed emotionally.

A year later it flabbergasts me how there has been little to no movement on this. I cannot understand how, with over 80% support for tougher gun laws, that the NRA has actually convinced most states to make gun laws less tough. That the legislators in Washington cannot see past the NRA bullshit to enact real gun controls, reasonable gun controls is beyond me.

I cannot believe that 20 dead 1st graders, horribly torn down by someone using a gun still has not forced the lawmakers to take off their blinders.

It’s insane.