About Sean

Born in the Tiger Hills area of Southern Manitoba I moved to a farm just southwest of Brandon, Manitoba before my first birthday. Growing up on the farm less than a mile west of the 100th meridian and attending school in Brandon means that I consider Brandon my hometown. I have spent most of my adult life working in the retail sector as a salesperson, first for Eaton’s and then for two national retailers selling technology items.

I currently live in the provincial capital with my spouse and two sons.

In my downtime I like to keep up on, and rant about, local, provincial, and national news and politics.




The website is my personal place to comment on the happenings in and around Brandon,  the province, and the country, or any other topic that piques my interest. The name of the website comes from the fact that the 100° West Meridian cuts through the west end of the City of Brandon.

I also host some other family websites at the same domain.



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