Musings of Winnipeg

So we moved to Winnipeg almost a year ago. It wasn’t where we were planning on moving (insert Sannich, B.C.), so I’ve had to adjust my expectations a little,,, some days a lot haha!

It’s similar to Brandon, so it’s not a culture shock, and of course Winnipeg is the go to destination of anyone with a heartbeat in MB, thus it is not unfamiliar territory. That being said, living in it is different than a few times a year weekend romp. I have been fully immersed, getting to know two neighbourhoods (Corydon and West Broadway), as my work is in the community, as well as much of the rest of the city in my vagabond travelling ways.

Some observations; people are pretty talkative here with strangers, panhandlers are generally courtesy and sometimes funny in their cardboard expressions, the urban sprawl here means drivers often suffer from existential angst (am I courteous or the ‘Joker’ on a spree of insanity), there’s way better selection at thrift stores, the divide between poverty and wealth is extremely wide here (not just me noticing, it’s actually one of the worst in Canada), there are way too many neighbourhoods within neighbourhoods, being a pedestrian is sometimes a death defying experience (if you’re lucky), many Winnipeger’s have a complex psychological response that simultaneously includes both embarrassment and pride (pride that leads to a sense of community in many areas), there are SO many good restaurants and innovative chefs (many I haven’t had the chance to try yet, cause I’m broke ass-donations gladly accepted!), being part of the Slurpee capital of the world makes me happy in a way I don’t understand, I love the multiculturalism of a bigger city, and I like that there are cool events and things to do.

Some days I love living here, and sometimes, often the very next day (or hour) I think WTF am I doing here! So it’s been a bumpy ride in my own little brain. I find it hilarious that on the days when i purposely think, I’m here and therefore I am going to love the shit out of this place, that those have been the days when the most crazy ass shit happens; from the benignly stupid blunders to bigger things. It’s like Winnipeg is taunting me and saying, welcome to the real Winnipeg beotch 😉 That in itself makes me laugh and bring out the newly discovered sadomasochist in me, in that I almost, kinda like it more for that. So that’s my little rant of being warped and in Winnipeg, I think it’s a good (and possibly necessary?) combo!